Uphōld Lōgin - Official Site

Uphōld is a cloud-based wealth management service that allows people to seamlessly acquire, transform, preserve, and trade in a variety of assets. Uphōld Lōgin provides 27 different fiat currencies, 58 different cryptocurrencies, and five separate valuable metals. Credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and virtual currency exchanges can all be used to finance accounts. Users may send money to others and exchange over 60 securities from a single interface.

Creation of an Account on Uphōld Lōgin

Subscribers have been requested to submit about their contact information, date and place of birth, and contact information while people team forces using Uphōld Lōgin. Participants would also get recognized before they may receive but rather transfer cash to others. Consumers must supply real housing and living information, a driver's license picture identity, and even a 'virtual picture' to somehow be confirmed.

Here are the process to allow all these features
You will have to go to the particular website of Uphōld Lōgin
Then move to create an account
After this fill your personal info like name, email, dob and phone number
Now you will have to upload your govt. Issued ids to verify your account